Dr. Fortuna’s Best Practice Highlights for Working with Latino/a Patients

From the American Psychiatric Association Website: “Understanding a patient’s culture and background can help you in providing the highest quality of care. The APA Best Practice Highlights provide information on particular populations’ demographics, significant history, a few best practice, and disparities and stigma to help you contextualize your assessment and treatment. These resources are not meant to be a comprehensive practice guideline, but rather are designed to offer a brief overview to assist you in your day-to-day practice. We encourage you to check back for new and updated resources, and utilize the DSM-5® Handbook of the Cultural Formulation Interview to help account for the influence of culture in your clinical work to enhance the patient-clinician communication and improve outcomes.” You can access Dr. Lisa Fortuna’s video where she discusses best practices for working with Latina/o patients from this page.

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